10 Must Have Home Appliances For Every Home

19 Nov 2020

Home appliances make fun and practical festive gifts. Whether it's for a foodie, a master chef or a new homeowner, the home appliance you gift should always be bought keeping efficiency and quality in mind. 

As you surely know, during festive seasons, there is an insane number of deals and offers everywhere! There are all sorts of discounts and offers for a wide range of products for almost every need imaginable. Because of that, it's so easy to get confused and buy the wrong product!

This brings up the topic at hand, the 10 must-have home appliances this festive season. We have taken the privilege of making you a list that you can trust without question.

Immersion Blender

This handheld gadget is one of the most favourite kitchen appliances among seasoned and aspiring chefs alike. If the inner chef in you likes to puree and blend their way to the best sauce, dressing, salsa, smoothies, batter or soup, the immersion blender is the ideal appliance. In terms of quality and efficiency aspects here are the reasons why you must have this festive season.

  • Immersion blenders are relatively cheap
  • They are very compact
  • Reduces clean up
  • Versatile
  • They are fast

Coffee Maker

One of the best things you can buy someone this festive season is a coffee maker. You ask why? Well for starters, who doesn’t love coffee!! It’s a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a good cup of joe in the morning. When it comes down to choosing the type of your coffee maker, they can be broadly classified into single-serve models, traditional drip coffee makes, and the relatively costlier systems that come complete with multiple drink settings and a milk frother.

Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is always a very handy gadget to have in your kitchen. It can make quick cups of tea, hot chocolate and if used innovatively can also make instant noodles and oatmeals, boil eggs too which makes it one of the most sought-after gifts to buy.

Electric Rice Cooker

Some argue the merits of an electric rice cooker and compares it against the traditional pressure cookers. No doubt that pressure cookers are sturdy and very functional. But the fact that electric rice cookers require much less electricity and water in comparison makes the case for a very ideal choice. Apart from that, electric cookers are built primarily for safety and efficiency. An Electric Rice Cookers uses cool handle method so that it ensures your safety. Almost all the Electric Rice Cookers come with the automatic keep-warm option. All these factors make electric rice cookers an ideal choice to gift in these festive times.

Stand Mixer

A high quality solid reliable stand mixer would definitely be in the Diwali or Christmas shopping list of any decent chef. With interchangeable attachments and mixing bowls of different sizes, its perfect for kneading, mashing and whisking. And the best part? It comes with a variety of colours for you to choose from!

Mini Refrigerator

A Mini Fridge can pretty much fit everywhere! Being the lighter and smaller version of the usual refrigerator, you can easily move it or carry it around meaning you can take it for your little trips around town or picnics.  The ideal place for a mini fridge can be your home or your office. Its perfect as an extra storing unit for your drinks and food. Small Refrigerators operate with Direct Cool technology that is the most economical choice amongst fridge cooling technologies. This makes them the least expensive, most compact in design and highly energy efficient.

Roti Maker 

Don’t we all cry to ourselves every day when we make rotis. Somehow to a lot of people, the effort just doesn’t seem worth it and we end up ordering food in. What would you say that there exists such a gadget that make the process of making rotis more efficient and quicker than ever! Lo and behold, the Roti Maker. This smart chappati maker has a teflon coated no-stick ‘tawa’, which ensures that your chappati or roti doesn’t stick. The shock proof body and heat resistant handles guarantee maximum safety for the user. The automatic shut-off feature regulates the heat and LED indicator light shows you exactly when you can place your dough in the tawa. So, what do you think? Wouldn’t it make your life easier?


The time to buy a humidifier is now more than ever! This pandemic year hasn’t been good to us and it can only get worse during winter. Because germs and viruses are easily transmittable especially through air considering the covid19 virus is transmitted by air, it has become very necessary in creating a safe and healthy breathing environment for your family and loved ones to stay secure and germs free. A humidifier easily soothes itchy, dry eyes and soothe irritated throats all the while removing 99% of bacteria, mould and other germs from the air with its UV light and wicking filter. Its smooth features mean that its quite easy to clean as well.

Slow Cooker

One of the best appliances to really bring out the flavour! It’s used to cook soups, pot meals, stews and tenderize meat among other things.  While a slow cooker is not suited to every cooking task, it has significant advantages over other cookers.

  • Lesser chance of burning your food
  • An excellent choice for cooking red meat
  • Consumes lesser energy than standard ovens
  • Won’t heat up the kitchen
  • Distributes the flavour better


Invest in a good juicer and you never have to compromise on the quality of your smoothies, shakes and juicers ever again! The most advanced juicers boast of their ability to maintain a high degree of control over their juice and fine tune how much pulp they can get. This is perfect for your family member who always goes full force on the new year’s resolutions. This might just help them stick to them this time.