Cool Summer Outfit Ideas for Men 2021

23 Mar 2021
Summer Outfit Ideas for Men

Relatively speaking, men have it harder than women when it comes to looking stylish & fashionable. Looking good comes easy for men when the temperatures drop. Whereas in summers, men mix & match their clothes & accessories in the weirdest possible way. Hence so as to help out our fellow brothers, we have listed out some of the coolest summer outfits to explore this year:

  • The Shorts: Shorts have been around for ages! Because of their comfortable nature shorts are always considered to be one of the best options to wear during summers. Shorts go well with shirts, t-shirts, and practically everything. If you are confused about the colour, go for khakis, white, or black. Denim shots with t-shirts also make a very cool look.
  • Short-Sleeved Light Shirts: When it comes to shirts for summer. There are fundamentally only two rules, keep it Light & Keep it breezy. Get yourself light & breezy.
  • One of the fashion combinations which really work would be the ultimate hip beach boy look comprising of a straw hat or a fedora with look tank tops or vests with knee-length shorts.
  • Mix & Match: For those of you who may find it a bit uncomfortable to wear shorts and vests outside, in other words, if you prefer not to show too much skin and the casualness of the shorts and vests, then you could opt for an outfit which is similar but much more wearable outside, such as a checkered full-sleeved casual shirt with sleeves half -folded in with skin fit chino or maybe even a tracksuit.
  • For men, if you know how, summer is the best possible time for you to explore a bit off into the bold textures and designs of men’s fashion. Speaking of colours, it would be best to go for lighter colours such as white, grey, heather brown, light silver, dense light blue, faded pink be it for clothes, hats or shoes. Whereas for textures, bold textures appeal a certain special flavour of attraction to your appeal.
  • When it comes to bolder and finer prints for your summer collection, you should try for more interesting prints maybe even meme or comic-based designs.
  • Polo Shirts & Denim Shorts: Now wearing a polo shirt & denim shorts shows a decent amount of class. The wearer would exude confidence and class with a touch of mischievousness! A Polo Shirt would only add on positively to the overall outlook of the outfit and makes it an excellent match.
  • Jeans, White T-Shirt and a Checkered Shirt of Dark Red, Green or Yellow: This is without a doubt one of the simplest combo of clothes you can wear and still look stylish as hell! And the reason why its so simple because these clothes are found in pretty much anyone’s wardrobe.
  • Chino Shorts, V-Necks & White Loafers: This one would probably win the “Coolest Outfit Award “if there was ever one. This outfit would particularly look very tasteful if you are a bit muscular.
  • Brown Chinos, Sun Glasses, Light Brown Loafers & White Shirt: There you go! That your movie star look. If there were ever anyone you know who thought you weren’t fashionable, strut in front of them wearing these and you can help them pick up their jaws from the floor.

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