Croma Gift Cards Online

21 Jun 2021
Croma Gift Cards

With products ranging from Bluetooth headphones, juicer mixer grinders, gaming consoles, TVs, cell phones, microwaves, washing machines, refrigerators, Croma specializes in catering to all your needs in the world of gadgets and appliances.

Now that many are working from home, it’s a really good time to do a bit of gadget shopping too. As you spend more time at home, it’s natural to have a tendency to spend more and more on electronics and with that tendency comes the need to shop. Well not to worry as Croma has got you covered. Read on to learn all about Croma Gift Cards and how will using them help you in saving money. 

Why buy Croma Gift Card?

  1. Croma Gift Cards can be applied over an existing discount. This means that there is a huge potential to shop at much higher discounts. Now you can get that camera or that Tv you always had your eyes on.
  2. The usage of a single Croma Gift Card would avail you a discount of flat 2.5%. Depending on your requirement, you may increase the number of Croma Gift Cards used.
  3. You can save extra on your final bill value bringing the cost down by applying the Gift Cards. So stock up! The added value of the Croma Gift Cards will come in handy as you proceed to check out.
  4. At Faboolus, Croma gift cards can be bought at a discounted price, which in turn will help you leverage the full face value. It means that you can buy a voucher worth Rs. 500 at Rs. 460 from Faboolus and redeem the voucher on Croma for a full face value of Rs500.
  5. Croma Gift cards also make an excellent choice of gifts. Because of its vast array of products from phenomenal brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG etc, simply gifting them would give the person a grand opportunity and freedom to shop for anything they want. Send this as a gift to your loved ones and let them buy what they want.

The Croma Gift Cards work great as gifts. Send Croma Gift Cards for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversary or for corporate events!

Where Can You Buy Croma Gift Cards

Croma Gift Cards can be bought from Faboolus through Net Banking, Credit and Debit Cards.

  1. Visit Faboolus and select your preferred Gift Card from a list of top tier brands.
  2. Select your preferred denominations
  3. Apply the Code SALE21 at the Cart Page
  4. Your 2.5% discount will apply
  5. Click on check out

How to use Croma gift card

  1. Visit card
  2. Select the product of Your Choice
  3. Click on Add a Gift Card
  4. Enter the Croma Voucher Code & Activation Pin