How Best to Beat The Heat with Mask On

19 May 2021
Mask Protection

Now with the summer about to peak, it's about time we speak about the rising issue of dealing with the heat while wearing a mask.  To avoid any dizziness or even a random unexpected collapse, certain measures should be undertaken.

The first and foremost aspect of the mask you should take seriously is the Material of the Mask. Choose a cooler material like cotton. When it’s 100% cotton, it gets comparatively much more breathable than a typical mask made of polyester. However, avoid cotton masks made with filters as the filters are made from synthetic materials and make masks hotter and harder to breathe through.

Onwards to the next factor. One should always remember that our skin is the most vulnerable part of our body during summers. Especially the facial skin should be properly taken care of as it would be constantly in contact with the masks you wear.  So, the obvious solution to it is to moisturise your face well. Regular moisturisation of your face can do wonders in terms of reducing acne and pimples and keeps your looking fresh and clean. You should go check out the hygiene and skincare products from Fuchsia which are available to shop for at discounts up to 20%!! Click here to see them.

So, moisturise well, open up those pores and make sure it stays that way with regular face washing and also make it a point to avoid applying makeup as it can clog up your facial pores.

A factor to consider when you wear a mask is to make sure that it fits snugly, but not too tightly.

Since every face shape is different, an elastic mask might work well for you but might not for me and can cause irritation behind the ear. So instead, it is advised that you go for the ones that you can tie which makes it easier for you to adjust the fit perfectly.

The cotton masks which are more comfortable to wear also store up the sweat from the humidity. To avoid the damp cotton masks from staying in contact with your skin for too long and start causing itchiness, bring extra masks and keep swapping every couple of hours.

In case you are in a situation where you can’t keep replacing masks, then make it a point to limit the time for yourself to wearing it only for a certain period. Find an isolated sweet spot where you can just take off your mask and relax without worrying about social distancing or breaking any other rules. try planning effective routes to your destination, or plan your trips around the number of masks that you have available. And do not wear your mask off your nose when out in public.

 And lastly, carry around a bottle of water just in case. If you aren’t carrying any water and you are trying to cool down desperately, it has to be noted that regardless of the type of mask, don't try to make your face feel cooler by dousing the mask in the water. Getting face coverings wet can compromise their filtration capabilities.

Well, that is about all the information on masks and how best to beat the heat wearing them.

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