Summer Decor Ideas 2021 for Your Home

16 Apr 2021
Summer Home Decor Ideas 2021

Every season has its own specific palette of colors.  This is the reason why someone wearing bright yellow sundresses would absolutely stand out in the backdrop of a chilly winter day with heavy skies. The concept applies to the décor of your home as well, even more stringently so.

When it comes to your home or houses in general, one can never go wrong if the chosen colour and the aesthetic appeal are bright, colourful with a lightened texture. Summer is all about the outdoors, fun and the beach. So, if you are wondering if a summer home makeover would be expensive? Think Again!   There are about 50 different ways to change the way your home looks! Not all the ways have to be extravagant either. If done correctly, even a subtle change would suffice.

Let’s list down some of the decor ideas you can do with comparative ease.

Go Green with Exotic Plants

One of the colours which best portray the theme of summer is leaf green. When it comes to having greenery in your home, nothing can beat Indoor House plants. The reason why they would work really well in keeping the house cool is that plants lose water during transpiration, which then keeps the air around it cool and fresh. In this day and age, a lot of people live in boxed in apartments without getting a chance at freshness. Especially in cases like that, keeping a couple of indoor plants can do wonders for the health of you and your surroundings.

Buy Plants from Faboolus at an affordable price and find amazing variety of exotic plants like Money Plants, Jade Plants, Foliage Plants, Bamboos, Peace Lillies, Bonsais, Ficuses, Desert Roses, Poinsettia Plants, Tulsis etc. These indoor plants in good summer themed pots are all it takes to spruce up the summer vibe of your home.

Summer Themed Personalised Items

With a bright summer-themed décor piece such as an old-fashioned idea of hanging polaroid pictures on LED strings with the backdrop of a bright wallpaper or wooden wall, you can manage to make even the most boring part of the house into a cosy set up where you show off all the fun photos of your friends and family.

And if you prefer cool photo frames instead of polaroid photos, there is an entirely different décor piece.

Another great personalized decorative piece would be Personalised LED Cushions. With that, your warm personalised gift just got warmer! It’s a great piece to have and would really create an excellent bright appeal to your home. 

A decor piece that recently gained a lot of interest for summers is a Wish Tree. Its subtle summer appeal can be a really good choice for your study room or your bedroom.

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