Top 5 Fashion Trends for Men

02 Nov 2020

Summer is already a distant memory and the winter has crept in. Naturally, you put a tab on your to-do list, a revamp of your Winter collection.

From the trending winter footwear to the hottest outfits, we are looking at the top 5 Fashion Trends for men to follow this winter.

  1. The Trench Coat/ Long Coat
    Men and women have been rocking the long trench coat look for years and it's still as fashionable as ever! Popularised by the movies, novels and western culture, the Long Coats have been around since the Industrial Revolution and it's really impressive that it has survived and thrived all these years. Where to buy? Shop from our Lifestyle Gift Cards, Allen Solly Gift cards or UCB Gift Cards. If you are going for a classic suave look with a touch of mysteriousness, then Long Trench Coats are the way to go!

  2. Thick Laced Up Winter Boots
    Long coats and thick winter leather boots make the best classic duo! For obvious reasons, Sneakers or sports shoes won't cut it when it's freezing outside. You need something warm, comfy, and protective in winters, what's best than Woodland Shoe? Buy Woodland Gift Cards and save extra on shoe shopping. Whether it's for taking a stroll downtown or taking a trek up the mountain, thick Leather Laced Up Winter boots would be perfectly helpful in both situations. Boot up!

  3. Leather Jackets
    There are people who do not like the winters because they feel that the cold weather prevents them from looking stylish. Usually, these are the same people who haven’t tried on a leather jacket at least once in their lives. No one who has ever tried on a  leather jacket has said they don’t look good! From rockstars to your friends, everybody loves their leather jackets. We don’t just look good wearing leather jackets, we feel good too! Functionality meets warmth meets style, because of its thick insulation, leather jackets are especially popular during winter among men and women.

  4. Puffer Vests & Jackets:
    The more colorful, the better! They don’t always get positive comments from people, but the fact of the matter is Puffer Vests are on top of the winter fashion trends every year! What else can give you that laidback comfortable feeling? Throw that with a pair of denim or track pants and you’d love it!

  5. Flannels:
    When it comes to the old school hipster look, Flannels still have a strong loyal following. Plaid Flannels, Skull Caps, 2 toned Sneakers, Short Socks and thin Chinos, put all these together and it’s a hipster’s dream!

Now that you have equipped yourself with the knowledge of the top winter fashion trends, take a walk through Faboolus and see what you like.