Top 5 Indian Desserts for Summer 2021

17 May 2021
Desserts For Summer

As the years went by, Summer has only gotten steadily worse. This has inspired many desserts of different types from all over the world. Some of them are extraordinarily complicated to make while others have such simple recipes that you can find the ingredients anywhere and the cooking process would be as simple as it gets. Whether it is a simple or a complicated recipe, the mark of a good summer dessert is its own quality to taste better during summers than any other weather.  Speaking of the weather, there are a few hot & humid countries that boast the most flavourful and coolest summer desserts, India being the foremost runner among them. India has a long history of creating the greatest delicacies known to man. An Indian’s love for food runs so deep that it is really hard to believe that in a 15th-century manuscript found of ancient India, there were listed at least 8 different recipes of just Samosas alone!

Sure, we can speak about Indian Food all day but today, it's specifically the Indian Desserts we should be talking about. Here is a list of 5 types of Indian Desserts for the summer ranked in decreasing order.

5) Kulfi: This original ice cream of India is the nation’s favourite dessert of all time and for good reasons! Kulfis, often described as the nation’s traditional ice cream originated in the Indian subcontinent around the 16th century and has maintained its widespread popularity throughout present-day India and its neighbors too, countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma, Middle Eastern countries etc. There are over 20 flavours of this condensed delicacy and every country makes it in its own unique way. The more traditional ones are cream, rose, mango, pistachio & saffron. There are newer variations such as apple, orange, strawberry, peanut, and avocado. Although, if you are reading this from the opposite part of the world, then all you can do is try and shop from a local store nearby you or from an online store or you can actually experience them first hand in the countries where it's popular. Once the current epidemic dies down, take a trip around Asia and we can help you with the discounts. Click here to check out our Travel Gift Cards of the best travel companies like MakeMyTrip Gift Card, Yatra Gift Card, Cleartrip Gift Card.

4) Kheer: The simplest & one of the most popular sweet dish of India, Kheer, and all you have to do to make it is to boil rice, milk and sugar. With mainly rice being a substitutable component of kheer, Indians have devised more than 130 ways to make Kheer! There is obviously the original Rice Kheer, then there are Apple Kheer, Paneer Kheer, Poha, Wheat and Fruit-based kheer like banana, strawberry, pineapple, lychee to name a few. If you want to taste them and a variety of other amazing desserts, check out Sweet Bengal. Its sweet dishes are cherished and very popular throughout the country. You can actually order it and save extra with Gift Cards like Sweet Bengal Gift Cards, Baskin Robbins Gift Cards and More.

3)Rasmalai: This spongy soft delicious milky dumpling is best served cold and can be made with little effort! It's basically cottage cheese balls of flattened balls of channa soaked in malai or clotted cream and flavoured with cardamom. Although cardamom is a must have base flavour, fruits and dryfruits are added occasionally along with honey too!! Order with Food Gift Cards or Make it Yourself.

2) Pudding: Another favourite dish of the world! Now pudding is a fun treat to have. Its recipe is very flexible and fluid. Unlike most of desserts or any sweets, it does not have a fixed texture, flavour or shape. Sure, any food can be made into any shape or size, but puddings, if done artfully can look as good as it tastes! Generally, there are the custard apple flavoured, banana, blueberry, then there are the special Indian ones such as iced coconut pudding & beetroot puddings. One you’ve made the pudding; you can sprinkle a mix of nuts & raisins with a touch of saffron & other spices. The overall quality & appeal of the pudding can depend on the additional mix for flavour you have added. To get the best flavour & texture out of all the ingredients used, you have to have excellent mixer grinders.

1) Smoothies & Shakes: Who doesn’t love ice creams! Ice creams are the most popular dessert of all time hands down! Over the years, so many new flavours have cropped up making ice creams one of the most versatile dish ever. And with Ice creams, shakes are born. There are so many permutations & combinations you can do for your smoothies and shakes; all you need is a good food processor to have the smoothest mixes.

These are about the best summer desserts we can hope for! Remember at Faboolus, For every transaction, you earn reward points!

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