Top Brand Gift Cards to Buy From Faboolus

03 Mar 2021
Top Brand Gift Cards

Online shopping is a concept that has been around for years yet only in the last few years has it truly turned into a rage. The number of people who physically went to a shop & bought something lessened and lessened and suddenly it seemed like the whole world got into the online rage.

As it progressed, the offers, deals, discounts and many other aspects of online shopping improved dramatically so as to retain the online customers. The latest of such improvements and currently trending is what gift cards are. 

At Faboolus, Gift Cards of a wide variety of categories are available to help you enjoy a cashless shopping experience. The categories include Apparel & Accessories Gift Cards, Cabs & Travel Gift Cards, Entertainment & Magazines Gift Cards, Food & Beverage Gift Cards, Grocery & Home Needs Gift Cards, Health & Wellness Gift Cards, Jewellery Gift Cards, Mobile Electronics Gift Cards.

How to Use Gift Cards?

Gift Cards are very easy to use, Gift Cards are available in 2 forms:

  1. Physical Cards
  2. E- Cards (Online Gift Cards)

At Faboolus, we provide you an experience that is contact free, All you have to do is:

  1. Visit
  2. Select the Gift Card Brand You Want to buy
  3. Add denomination to the cart
  4. Checkout
  5. You will receive your Gift Card details via SMS or Email (whichever provided)

How to Redeem Gift Cards at Store

  1. Visit the store where the gift card can be redeemed
  2. Select the product of your choice
  3. At the billing counter show the voucher code
  4. The voucher amount will be deducted from your bill

How to Redeem Gift Cards Online

  1. Visit the App/ Website
  2. Check for the payment method as Gift Cards
  3. Enter your voucher code mentioned in the Email or SMS
  4. Your Amount will be deducted

To help you choose, a list of top brands gift cards available at Faboolus is listed below:

  1. Myntra Gift Card
  2. Flipkart Gift Card
  3. Arrow Gift Card
  4. Bata Gift Card
  5. Big Bazaar Gift Card
  6. KFC Gift Cards

And 150+ More! If you haven’t already started using gift cards, you should now. The time is right. Start Today!

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