Top Things to Buy Under Rs. 1,000 at Faboolus

09 Feb 2021

More often than not, it’s the cheaper things available in the market that ends up being the trendsetter rather than the expensive ones. Aside from the fact that cheaper stuff has a higher trend-setting potential, they also have a decent margin of advantage over anything else because of their low price, which leads that category to have high sales.

Below are the best things to buy from Faboolus under Rs. 1000.

  • Flower & Cake Combo

Visit Faboolus to see for yourself an array of combos of flowers & Cakes. Now is the best time to buy considering The Valentine's week which is upon us.

  • Personalised Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Personalised cushions, mugs, lamps, wall hangings, so many of the Faboolus collection of personalised items are available under Rs. 1000. Affordability at its best!

  • Apparel

Shop for apparel online like Trousers packs, formal shirts & trousers, chinos, pyjamas, t shirts are some of the types of apparel you can find for under Rs.1000.

  • Mobile Accessories

Faboolus has a huge collection of chargers, powerbanks, data cables, earphones, headphones costing under Rs1000 which are from the best companies in the world.

  • Health Food

What if I were to say that you could buy the healthiest low carb atta, cookie dough, biscuits among other things for just Rs.500? Check out the shop today!

  • Medicines

Stay safe and stock up on Cough drops, relief packs, sanitizers, vapour patches are some of the household medicines who can find in Faboolus under Rs1000.

  • Tea

Tea fan? Organic healthy tea, masala chai, tea bags, loose tea from Agronica are all available under Rs.1000.

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