Women's Clothing Online: Summer Outfit Ideas 2021

05 Apr 2021
women's clothing online

It’s Summer, all our winter hoodies, scarfs and jackets have been tucked away and one can almost smell the rush of the impending shopping spree for the summer.

Let’s get to it then! Here we are going to discuss the best simple fashionable Women’s Clothing available online at Faboolus!


  • Tropical Fruit Shorts: These comfy shorts made of linen are guaranteed to keep things interesting. Besides having that fruity flavour which gives the wearer and onlookers the impression of vacationing in a tropical island somewhere! It’s a definite must buy for the summer.
  • Sweat Shorts: The idea of wearing sweatpants during summer is quite dreadful. Instead, what you girls should go for are sweat shorts. Sweat Shorts are these cute little shorts which are very comfortable too because their athletic design and material prevents you from sweating too much.
  • Bucket Hat: Its simple and yet intriguing. With bucket hats, you don’t have to worry about it matching with the rest of you. It goes really well with everything from sundresses to bikinis and swimsuits.
  • Baggy Jeans & Sleeveless Tops: Don’t we, guys all just crush on this cool chic look! A white tank top, baggy jeans, round sunglasses are voila! You would be the coolest looking woman ever!
  • Long Shirts & Bermudas: These two need not necessarily go together. They would work perfectly well together & separately!
  • Rainbow Themed Dresses: Summer is always the best time for you to explore the world with a colourful approach in your life and fashion statements. Try out rainbow themed sundresses, shorts, shirts or scarves to liven up the spirit. Checkout our collection of women’s clothing online
  • Funky Chic Look: What I mean by this is the combination of chunky big boots with short sun dresses or other feminine clothes, sunglasses and hats although the last two are optional.
  • Half Sleeved Denim Jackets & Shorts/Jeans: This is probably the only outfit for women that has the potential to show the most energetic impression. This combo makes you look and feel younger and is an all-time favourite outfit for women all around the world.
  • Sundress & Strappy Sandals: Wearing them, you could just waft away at the smell of summer romance in the air. The fun element of this combination would bring out all the brightness in you.
  • Bright Colours, Silk Head Scarf & Thong Sandals: You would look like the perfect mix between a butterfly and sunflower.
  • Floral Designs: Another charming thing which would really work well during summers are floral designs. Keeping it in mind, what you should get yourself is a sundress or a fit dress with a low neckline made with beautiful floral designs.
  • Polka Dots: Another fascinating design to go for during summers are polka dots. Polka dots always have a fun element to them, meaning that the first impression someone will have of you be that “she must be a fun person to hang out with!!”
  • Kurtas & Elastic Pants: This is about as simple as it gets when summer outfits are concerned. Its easy to wear, comfortable and fashionable!
  • Loose T-Shirts with Jeans/ Dresses: Comfort is always the priority when it comes to summer fashion. Loose T Shirts with Jeans or Dresses can be considered as one of the most comfortable yet fashionable outfits to wear.

 Where to Find Women's Clothing Online?

Now that you know all of this, don’t you think it’s time to do a little bit of shopping? Speaking of shopping, where do you shop from usually? Yes, sure there are quite a few reliable online marketplaces, but they are not quite enough, and the count is lesser than we expected.

At Faboolus, explore the wide variety of Women’s Clothing, ranging from Indian to western wear.