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109F E-Gift Voucher

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Description:- Gift Voucher 109°F is the urban woman’s cult Western-wear Fashion Brand. Discover the latest trends in lifestyle and shop for Women’s western wear on Get the best online shopping experience with that offers you FREE Shipping, 15-day hassle-free returns guarantee, and a convenient cash-on-delivery option.

Terms and Conditions:-

  1. 109°F E-Vouchers are issued by Encompass Design India Pvt Ltd
  2. The 109°F E-Vouchers can be redeemed only at
  3. If you're having problems redeeming a 109°F E-Voucher, it's possible that the 109°F E-Voucher have already been applied to your account
  4. After you've entered the 109°F E-Voucher on the site, it will keep the balance in your account for any future purchases so that you don't need to enter the 109°F E-Voucher again
  5. If your balance is sufficient to buy a product, you can complete the purchase with your 109°F E-Voucher balance only.
  6. If your balance is not sufficient to buy the product, you can use a combination of your gift card balance and other payment options - Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking to purchase your product.
  7. You cannot use a combination of a Gift Card and COD or Gift Card and EMI109°F
  8. E-Voucher cannot be reloaded or resoldValidity of 109°F E-Voucher cannot be extended, new 109°F E-Voucher cannot be provided against the expired/unused Vouchers
  9. You are solely responsible for the safety and security of the 109°F E-Voucher. or its affiliates are not responsible for any acts of misuse if 109°F
  10. E-Voucher is lost, stolen or usedThe holder of the 109°F E-Voucher is deemed to be the beneficiary
  11. This Gift Voucher is valid until 6 months from the date of issue
  12. Any dispute should be referred to the company from where the 109°F
  13. E-Voucher has been received, decision of the company shall be final
  14. Once ordered, Gift vouchers or Gift codes cannot be cancelled or returned nor can points be refunded

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