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With a customer base of more than 30 million people spanning over 5 countries, BookMyShow has scaled through the years to become India’s largest entertainment ticketing platform. Movies, Exhibitions, Sporting Events both local and international, Comedy Acts, Performances can be booked through BookMyShow at the best prices. Be it the latest Hrithik Roshan starrer, or the nearby Korean food festival, you are bound to get the thriftiest deal on your tickets through BookMyShow. It isn’t for nothing that BookMyShow is India’s largest entertainment ticketing platform.

  Why Should You Buy BookMyShow Instant Vouchers?

Instant Vouchers are basically a form of currency which a shopper can use to purchase products, services and helps you grab the latest deals & instant discounts on your fashion purchase. Instant Vouchers can be bought and redeemed for easy checkout and delivery too making Instant Vouchers absolutely convenient for consumers. So, buying BookMyShow Instant Vouchers only add more advantages for you in terms of discounts whenever you book your tickets for a movie night a concert or practically any social event. With BookMyShow Instant Vouchers, you can get your hands on the most exclusive of shows and events VIP tickets too! Using Instant Vouchers of BookMyShow also provides the ultimate shopping experience during the end of season sale as you can get pretty much get anything at ridiculous discounts.

 BookMyShow Instant Voucher as a Gift

Who isn’t a movie nut! If not movies, there are concerts, shows, exhibitions, music programs, workshops and a ton of other activities in BookMyShow. The priceless look of smiling happiness when you gift your loved one something special is one of the best things in any occasion. For obvious reasons, it can be very challenging to always find the perfect gift considering how many options are there. Hence you can absolutely trust BookMyShow Instant Vouchers as a gift! You can gift your loved one on any special occasions like birthdays, wedding, parties and festivals like Christmas, Diwali, New Year etc. It literally takes just 5 minutes before you can lay hands on a BookMyShow Instant Voucher. Why spend hours and hours on searching for the perfect gift when you can gift Big BookMyShow Instant Vouchers!

Puzzled over a corporate gift? BookMyShow Instant Vouchers can be gifted as a formal gift as well as a casual one BookMyShow. Be it your boss, your colleague or clients, BookMyShow Instant Vouchers make excellent gifts as they get the freedom to check out all the events happening in your city and book your tickets.

 How to Redeem BookMyShow Instant Voucher

You can redeem your BookMyShow Instant Voucher by following these simple steps:

- Log on to or the mobile app

- Select Location, Event, Venue, Show Date, Time and Seats as per your preference

- On the payment page, click on “More Payment Options”

- Click on "Gift Voucher" tab to enter Gift Voucher e-code in the text box that appears

- Click on “Pay” to avail the offer.

You get a considerable discount using Instant Vouchers, and with its validity up to 12 months, a BookMyShow card lets you access the best and most exclusive pieces of the entertainment world. 

BookMyShow Instant Voucher FAQ

Q. How will I receive my BookMyShow Instant Voucher?

A. Your BookMyShow e-Instant Vouchers will reach your inbox within a few minutes of buying.

Q. Can BookMyShow Instant Voucher can be used in Sale?

A. Yes! BookMyShow Instant Voucher can be used in all of its outlets running an offer adding to the discount.

How To Redeem
The E-Mail contains the Voucher Code. Login to or BookMyShow Mobile App. Select Location, Event, Venue, Show Date, Time and Seats of your preference as the logic flows. On the payment page, click on “More Payment Options”. Click on "Gift Voucher" tab to enter Gift Voucher e-code in the text box that appears. Click on "Pay" to avail the offer. No physical voucher is couriered or is required.

Important Instructions
• Multiple Gift Vouchers CAN be used in one booking.
• Gift Vouchers CANNOT be used directly at Cinema Halls.
• 1 Gift Voucher CAN be used multiple times.
• Gift Vouchers CAN only be used Online on or BookMyShow Mobile App.

Terms and Conditions
1. The holder of the Gift voucher is deemed to be the beneficiary.
2. Gift Voucher(s) can be redeemed ONLY on BookMyShow website & mobile app (iOS, Android & Windows). They cannot be redeemed directly at the cinema/venue box-office.
3. Gift Voucher(s) can be redeemed on purchase of eticket(s) for Movies/Plays/Concerts/Sports Or Merchandise (if any) available on BookMyShow.
4. Multiple Gift Vouchers can be used in a single transaction or Gift Voucher can be combined with any other payment type on BookMyShow.
5. Gift Voucher can be used multiple times until the last rupee loaded on it gets exhausted within the validity period.
6. The Code cannot be revalidated once expired.
7. If lost misused, the Gift Voucher(s) cannot be replaced. Void if resold, cannot be exchanged for point(s) or cash and cannot be re-validated once past expiry date.
8. In addition to these Terms and Conditions, BookMyShow Gift Voucher & their use on our website are also subject to BookMyShow’s general Terms of Use & BookMyShow’s decision will be final in case of any dispute.
9. BookMyShow may change (add to, delete, or amend) these terms from time to time. Unless stated otherwise, the changes will apply to any new BookMyShow’s Vouchers that are for personal, non-commercial use and enjoyment only. The same may be shared with family and friends, but may not be advertised, sold or used as promotional items by the purchaser or anyone else without BookMyShow’s prior written consent.
Note: - For any help on how to use the voucher please call on 022 6144 5050.

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