Black Casual Full Length Socks-6 Pair Pack

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Socks are worn by all men, women and kids to protect their feet and to keep them warm. Our socks come in many different types, styles, designs and sizes suitable for the wearer's needs. We offer Ankle Length Socks, Full Length Socks, Toddlers and Kids Socks. We offer socks in various materials and colors according to the wearer's preferences. Our socks are manufactured best for both hot and cold weather conditions. Sagaa socks can be worn for any situation, say for support, protection, comfort and fashion. Their ability to absorb moisture and breathable design provides more comfort for the wearer during hot weathers. Their light weight and soft foot features provide cool and comfort feeling for the legs. Our socks doesn't lose their elasticity even after hundred washes and they are comfortable with machine washing also. Sagaa socks are best worn with jeans, pants, school uniforms, skirts, gowns and is simply superb for wearing it just like that and walking inside the house as well. We know how important you are to us and everyday we strive to make sure each customer is satisfied with our service and our product. We believe that if you receive great value and great service, you will come back for more. HOPE YOUR TOES ARE HAPPY IN OUR SOCKS.

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