Who doesn’t love cakes! Cakes are one of the most sought-after favourite sweet dishes of all time. They are bought and gifted for all kinds of occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, family gatherings etc and this is where we come in. At Faboolus, we have the best collection of cakes online! Heart shaped birthday cakes, birthday cakes for brother, birthday cakes for sisters and more. The flavours are dreamy, the textures moist and creamy with toppings and fillings of your choice, desire any cake you want, order them online with us and Faboolus will have it delivered within no time at all!

Faboolus can deliver amazing cakes online to any part of the country for all unique occasions. You can find high-quality unique cakes for gifting online for your birthday too. 

Cakes can be ordered online through Faboolus for other social occasions too! Family gatherings, weddings, parties, engagement ceremonies, baby showers are celebrated with the best flavoured cakes in town. Regardless of the large quantity, requirements of the cakes for special occasions such as these, you can get it done through Faboolus! 

If there is one thing that can beat birthdays and weddings in cake consumption, its most definitely the festivals. Especially Indians with our long list of festivals unique to different regions and religions, there is a huge demand for cakes to be delivered online. Indian festivals mandate that cakes be made of highest quality and designed to such a near perfection that the cake itself brings out an overall regional flavour and the aesthetic appeal of that particular festival.

Speaking of tuning and personalising cakes to match the cakes to the person or occasion, you can find beautifully designed delicious unique birthday cakes for your mom! Or gift her a special personalised cake through online gifting by Faboolus on Mother’s Day.

Faboolus cakes online can be delivered for corporate events as well! Now order our cakes online with clever pre-set corporate office themes and designs and save yourself the hassle of unsure design and choice of flavours!

Cakes Online Options Available

The Faboolus Shop has a delicious collection of cakes varying through flavours, toppings, fillings, designs making it your new favorite cake shop. With just a click of the button, you can now order a delicious cake online with all your special requirements and it will be delivered in a matter of hours! Isn’t that amazing? Cakes a touch away!

All the cakes which can be ordered online for delivery are majorly differentiated as eggless or not.

Among the popular ones, variations of chocolate, butterscotch and vanilla cakes, along with fruit and cream-based pineapple, fruit chocolate, mango cakes and special love themed cakes for couples and families show prominence.

You can also find special valentine’s day themed cakes for all the lovebirds out there! Don’t wait for the next Valentine’s Day to come, order a chocolate or pink cream coated flower-designed lovey-dovey cake today!

Cakes Online Existing Discounts and Offers

Every cake which can be ordered online for delivery from Faboolus comes at an automatic 10% overall shop discount and sufficiently so because every type of cake you see at Faboolus are already at a reasonable price and very affordable which means to say you get high-quality cakes at a price cut!

If you are interested in checking out the phenomenal discounts offered by other food and beverage brands, kindly do visit our coupons and deals sections and get ready for your jaw to drop!

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