Flavoured Chocolates And Multicoloured Wish Tree

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Product Details:

  • One Cranberry Sliced Jar- 100 gms
  • One Mango Raisin Jar- 100 gms
  • One Chickpeas Chocolate Jar- 100 gms
  • One Almond Dark Chocolate Jar- 100 gms
  • One Brown Box- 10 x 7 x 2.5 inches
  • One Multicoloured Stone Wish Tree With Birds
  • Base- Wood With Gems On Top
  • Dimensions- 5 Inches

What is a Gemstone Wish Tree?

  • Made from real gemstones, a wish tree is one-of-a-kind hand crafted piece of art.
  • Trees represent the circle of life and prosperity.
  • A thoughtful gift for your loved ones on the start of a new decade, or upon new beginnings.
  • A beautiful piece of adornment for your living space.
  • Wish tree increases the flow of positive energy in the vicinity.
  • Circulate crystal energy around you.
  • Keep the tree close and tell all your secrets to it. The tree might just grant your heart's desire.

Benefits of the stone used in the wish tree:

  • Carnelian stimulates creativity, gives courage to overcome negative conditions and radiates motivational energy.
  • Amethyst has the ability to rid ailments of the mind such as anxiety, stress and depression. It radiates healing vibes, makes the vicinity feel relaxed and cozy.
  • Crystal Quartz protects you from bad intentions of those who surrounds you and balances out negative energies, jealousies with positive and harmonoius vibes.
  • Green Aventurine cures mental distraction. It enhances self-confidence and leadership abilities. Golden Quartz symbolizes creative joy and confidence. It gives the benefits of clarity for decision making.

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