Special Bouquet With Teddy Money Plant

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Product Details:

  • 3 Red Roses
  • 5 White Gerberas
  • Seasonal Fillers
  • 2 Cadbury Bourneville Rich Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bars- 31 Gms Each
  • Decorated with 2 Black & White Striped Papers
  • One Teddy Bear- 6 Inches
  • One Money Plant- Upto 5 Inches
  • Plant Type- Foliage/ Airpurifying
  • Plant Placement- Indoor/Outdoor
  • One Brown Jute wrapped Nursery Plastic Pot
  • Pot is tied with Green Raffia

Money Plant Trivia:

  • Origin- Money Plant was originated in Mo'orea, which is a high island in French Polynesia.
  • Each branch of a money plant has 5 leaves. In Feng Shui, the five leaves of the branch represent the five elements of Feng Shui; metal, wood, water, fire and earth. These five elements in the leaves are said to attract prosperity to the owner.

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