Padmini Induction Cooking System Nano

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Padmini Induction Cooking System Nano : 4 Mm Ceramic Plate,2000W,160V-240V 50Hz,With Pot,Touch Control

Manufacturer Warranty Functions : Padmini Nano Induction Cooker works on the principle of magnetic forces inducing heat energy.

Here there is no heating coil and the associated power wastage.

Also, there is absolutely no risk of electric shock as since only the bottom of the vessel heats up due to induction heating; there is no risk of burns.

This Padmini Nano Induction Cooker offers you a clean, efficient, eco-friendly, protected and healthy way of cooking.

Padmini Nano Induction Cooker encloses an efficient timer facility, which is needed for presetting the cooking time.

Additionally, It is energy efficient, cheaper than LPG gas cooking, faster, safer, more economical, consistent and easy to maintain.

Padmini Appliances is one of the leading group of companies engaged in manufacturing and supplying super quality L.P. Gas Appliances and Padmini Essentia Electrical Home Appliances including sophisticated items like Induction cooking systems, gas hobs cooking ranges, electric chimneys, food processors, kitchen machines, juicer mixer, grinder, dry iron, electric kettles, gas/electric water heater and many more.

Padmini started its foray into home appliances in 1981.

The company has already sold off billions of kitchen appliances in the past 3 decades.

Padmini Appliances is an inspiration from the needs of the discerning buyers of modern home appliances.

Acknowledging the fact that quality & service are the only two parameters for acceptance of a brand in the market

Padmini is the answer to market dynamics.

Renowned for its high-quality, high-performance kitchen/home/gas appliances, Padmini clearly the No. 1 choice of homes across India with leading-edge technical superiority, and innovation as the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy, Padmini assures its customers consistent quality and dependability

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